{ Heather & Dan } Heartfelt Billings Montana Wedding

Heather & Dan met doing something so near and dear to their hearts. They attended a camp for foster kids and by the end of camp Dan knew he had met the one God had planned for him. Dan tells their story so beautifully so I will let him tell it :) Dan had a note he wrote with a message from God he felt compelled to share with Heather after only a few short conversations with her.....

"It was a very personal note about me and my future ministry and heart behind it. I went out to a balcony on a break and told God, "If you want her to read this, have her come out and come by me." Naturally, not a minute later, Heather comes walking out texting. She passed by me though, so I let out a sigh of relief after having a small amount of terror that God may have sent her out to me. The sigh was too early though because right after turning the corner she came back and rested on the railing right next to me. In my head, I had the calm and collected thought of, "Oh Crap." As I gave her the note it was accompanied by a very non-awkward, "I think God wants you to read this." The note really hit home with her. She wanted to know more about why I wrote it and let her read it. After about ten days and 7 phone calls totaling around 40 hours, I knew I was going to marry her."

God is definitely good and he has great things planned for these two. I was so honored and blessed to share with Heather & Dan one of the most beautiful and heartfelt wedding days ever.


Amazing vendor lineup:

Bridal Gown - David's Bridal

Flowers - Sam's Club

Ceremony - Harvest Church Lockwood

Reception Venue - Elk's Lodge

Groomswear - Step'n Out Formal Wear

Bridesmaids dresses - David's Bridal

Hair/makeup - India Richey/Tensy Wurgler / Jamie West

Invitations - Zazzle

DJ - Yo DJ

Photographer - Carrie Ann Photography